Is green tea good for your teeth

Is green tea good for your teeth?

Green tea is ideally good for your teeth. Most people tend to think that the only way of taking care of their teeth is through brushing. The brushing is indeed essential for keeping your teeth in good condition. You don’t want to keep your mouth closed when people go something to smile about. At the same time, you don’t want to distract your friends with the type of smell coming out of your mouth. As you brush your teeth every day, there is one thing that is left to give you the perfect teeth health. This is as simple as taking green tea.

Why is green tea good to your teeth?

  1. It prevents plaque formation

Green tea has been proved to prevent plaque formation on your teeth. A tooth plaque is simply some sticky deposit on the teeth, which is formed by the continual deposit of waste food on the teeth. The plaque gives a conducive environment for microbes to survive. As they live in the plaque, they tend to eat the gum leading to tooth decay.

Green tea now can work against the formation of the plaque. It contains the epigallocatechin gallate, which kills the bacteria, which is responsible for forming the plaque. As long as the bacteria cannot survive in the tooth region, the food deposits do not become strengthened. A mere toothbrush is just enough to remove the food deposits and so no plaque can be formed.

  1. Green tea also prevents tooth cavity

A tooth cavity is majorly caused when some bacteria living on the tooth. Whenever we eat, some food gets deposited on the teeth. This is the reason most dentists advise that you should brush your teeth after every meal. However, at times you are eating in a place and at a time that you are not able to brush the teeth. The food that gets deposited on the teeth gets broken down by tooth bacteria, which lead to the formation of teeth cavities.

Green tea breaks this process. Even when the food is deposited in the teeth, the green tea lowers the acidity of saliva. The bacteria cannot survive in such an environment. This means that the cavity will not be formed. Therefore, to work against the formation of cavities, you should rinse your mouth for about five minutes using green tea. This is an excellent way of keeping the cavities far from you.

  1. Green tea prevents bad breath

If you have dental caries, there is one problem that will always make you feel uncomfortable to be in the midst of other people. This is the bad breath that will be coming from your mouth. It usually is a result of some mouth bacteria which live at the back of the throat. Even if you brush your teeth, the brush will not get to that point. This is what makes you feel that the breath you are having is not fresh.

Green tea comes in very powerfully to deal with this problem. The tea contains polyphenols, which hinders the growth of such bacteria by at least 30%. In so doing, it reduces the rate of production of compounds that cause bad breath. It not only kills the bacteria but also washes it away so that you can have a good breath all through the day. You can choose to be taking green tea regularly to work against such a problem.

According to David Collette, who is the founder of, Green tea is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes your inflamed throat and helps your body fight off any bacteria or viruses causing the symptoms.

  1. Green tea prevents gum diseases

The common gum disease is periodontal disease. It is a chronic inflammatory disease which weakens the jaw bone. It makes the gum to get swollen, leaving the tooth bone to be weakened. Subgingival bacteria majorly cause it. It produces free radicals, which causes inflammation.

Green tea has an antioxidant property of green tea that comes handy to give balance in this case. It balances the oxidants caused by the subgingival bacteria. The free radicles are therefore settled so that there is no swelling of the gums.

Additionally, green tea has an anti-inflammatory property, which helps in keeping the gums from swelling. Such related problems like ulcers and bleeding can never be experienced in any place where there is green tea. If you dint want to have gum complications, you should take some green tea regularly. To have the best outcome, do not sweeten it since the sweetener will balance it so that no effect can be realized. You could also try any oral care that contains green tea. In this way, you will not complain of gum diseases

The periodontitis is not prevented; you might develop other complications like heart diseases. When the bacteria responsible for periodontitis get into the bloodstream through the blood veins, they might travel to other parts of the body, majorly the heart. Such conditions like heart failures and diabetes can be caused if you allow the gum diseases to survive for long. It is better to curb it at the tooth level by using green tea.

Final thought

Green tea is essential when it comes to taking care of your teeth and general oral health. Looking at the above problems, you should be fast to take green tea regularly to curb the issues. You should not sit and wait to spend a lot of money to deal with them when you can work on them on your own.

However, it should be noted that green tea is not a substitute for brushing. You must clean your teeth after every meal to keep your oral health in good condition. Do not just take green tea and avoid brushing. If you do so, you will still develop the problems above — green tea and teeth brushing work hand in hand in giving you better oral health. To get the best result, try taking the green tea without any sweetener. This will help you a greater deal. You don’t have to create a barrier to the effectiveness of the green tea by adding sugar to it. Remember, sugar gives a conducive environment for the surviving of teeth bacteria.

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