Is green tea good for your teeth

Is green tea good for your teeth?

Green tea is ideally good for your teeth. Most people tend to think that the only way of taking care of their teeth is through brushing. The brushing is indeed essential for keeping your teeth in good condition. You don’t want to keep your mouth closed when people go something to smile about. At the same time, you don’t want to distract your friends with the type of smell coming out of your mouth. As you brush your teeth every day, there is one thing that is left to give you the perfect teeth health. This is as simple as taking green tea.

Why is green tea good to your teeth?

  1. It prevents plaque formation

Green tea has been proved to prevent plaque formation on your teeth. A tooth plaque is simply some sticky deposit on the teeth, which is formed by the continual deposit of waste food on the teeth. The plaque gives a conducive environment for microbes to survive. As they live in the plaque, they tend to eat the gum leading to tooth decay.

Green tea now can work against the formation of the plaque. It contains the epigallocatechin gallate, which kills the bacteria, which is responsible for forming the plaque. As long as the bacteria cannot survive in the tooth region, the food deposits do not become strengthened. A mere toothbrush is just enough to remove the food deposits and so no plaque can be formed.

  1. Green tea also prevents tooth cavity

A tooth cavity is majorly caused when some bacteria living on the tooth. Whenever we eat, some food gets deposited on the teeth. This is the reason most dentists advise that you should brush your teeth after every meal. However, at times you are eating in a place and at a time that you are not able to brush the teeth. The food that gets deposited on the teeth gets broken down by tooth bacteria, which lead to the formation of teeth cavities.

Green tea breaks this process. Even when the food is deposited in the teeth, the green tea lowers the acidity of saliva. The bacteria cannot survive in such an environment. This means that the cavity will not be formed. Therefore, to work against the formation of cavities, you should rinse your mouth for about five minutes using green tea. This is an excellent way of keeping the cavities far from you.

  1. Green tea prevents bad breath

If you have dental caries, there is one problem that will always make you feel uncomfortable to be in the midst of other people. This is the bad breath that will be coming from your mouth. It usually is a result of some mouth bacteria which live at the back of the throat. Even if you brush your teeth, the brush will not get to that point. This is what makes you feel that the breath you are having is not fresh.

Green tea comes in very powerfully to deal with this problem. The tea contains polyphenols, which hinders the growth of such bacteria by at least 30%. In so doing, it reduces the rate of production of compounds that cause bad breath. It not only kills the bacteria but also washes it away so that you can have a good breath all through the day. You can choose to be taking green tea regularly to work against such a problem.

According to David Collette, who is the founder of, Green tea is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes your inflamed throat and helps your body fight off any bacteria or viruses causing the symptoms.

  1. Green tea prevents gum diseases

The common gum disease is periodontal disease. It is a chronic inflammatory disease which weakens the jaw bone. It makes the gum to get swollen, leaving the tooth bone to be weakened. Subgingival bacteria majorly cause it. It produces free radicals, which causes inflammation.

Green tea has an antioxidant property of green tea that comes handy to give balance in this case. It balances the oxidants caused by the subgingival bacteria. The free radicles are therefore settled so that there is no swelling of the gums.

Additionally, green tea has an anti-inflammatory property, which helps in keeping the gums from swelling. Such related problems like ulcers and bleeding can never be experienced in any place where there is green tea. If you dint want to have gum complications, you should take some green tea regularly. To have the best outcome, do not sweeten it since the sweetener will balance it so that no effect can be realized. You could also try any oral care that contains green tea. In this way, you will not complain of gum diseases

The periodontitis is not prevented; you might develop other complications like heart diseases. When the bacteria responsible for periodontitis get into the bloodstream through the blood veins, they might travel to other parts of the body, majorly the heart. Such conditions like heart failures and diabetes can be caused if you allow the gum diseases to survive for long. It is better to curb it at the tooth level by using green tea.

Final thought

Green tea is essential when it comes to taking care of your teeth and general oral health. Looking at the above problems, you should be fast to take green tea regularly to curb the issues. You should not sit and wait to spend a lot of money to deal with them when you can work on them on your own.

However, it should be noted that green tea is not a substitute for brushing. You must clean your teeth after every meal to keep your oral health in good condition. Do not just take green tea and avoid brushing. If you do so, you will still develop the problems above — green tea and teeth brushing work hand in hand in giving you better oral health. To get the best result, try taking the green tea without any sweetener. This will help you a greater deal. You don’t have to create a barrier to the effectiveness of the green tea by adding sugar to it. Remember, sugar gives a conducive environment for the surviving of teeth bacteria.

The vacuum cleaner store in Madison Wi

The vacuum cleaner store in Madison Wi

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. They do not even stand close. Considering the features that make a vacuum cleaner in Madison wi good, it’s a good idea first to understand that there are several very different levels of quality and performance when it comes to vacuum cleaners.

Some economy-class vacuum cleaners in Madison wi are just games – they do more than just clean dirt and dust. This is a $ 99 variety you’ll find in the vacuum cleaner store in madison wi. This may be a good idea to avoid this option altogether.

Other middle-class vacuum cleaners do the job for the most part, but they are not designed in the long run or cannot be adequately maintained. In other words, they are disposable and costly in the long term. A real high-quality vacuum cleaner will be created for long-term operation, functioning correctly and containing all possible waste from dirt and dust, and most importantly, will be designed for almost the entire service life.

So, with that in mind, what makes a good vacuum cleaner? High quality. Quality is essential. When investing in household appliances such as a vacuum cleaner store in madison wi, you may not be interested in spending time and money buying a new one once a year or two. When you buy a good quality vacuum cleaner designed in the long run, it will save in the long run. Durability. Much is related to the quality of construction, and the strength of the vacuum cleaner also means that it is fully functional.

The vacuum that is designed to be serviceable will continue forever if you care about it properly. With a good vacuum, cleaner, brushes, filters, and ropes can be replaced when they wear out. Ease of use. Some vacuum cleaners are so massive and bulky that they really become just decoration of a broom closet, and don’t get used to them regularly. On the other hand, a good vacuum cleaner should be easy to use (let’s say, even fun to use). The ease and softness on the carpet or floor are highly desirable in a quality vacuum.

Maneuverability. In addition to ease of use, the vacuum cleaner in Madison wi should be kind and very flexible. You may want to be able to carefully clean between and under furniture and other household items without breaking your back, and move everything in place to make room for space. Good vacuum cleaners are smartly designed to be easy to maneuver.

The performance. Some vacuum cleaners do a little more than stirring up all the dust and allergens. A good vacuum cleaner in Madison wi will contain all the particles and purify the air that passes through the vacuum suction, the filter bag, the fine particulate filter, and finally, return to the room air … to the highest standards. Capturing all the smallest allergens, dirt particles and dust mites are vital, especially for people living with asthma and other people who are easily exposed to less fresh air.

Bag worker. Vacuum cleaners with filter bags are much better than the recently popular bagless set. In the end, it is straightforward – a high-quality vacuum cleaner in Madison wi uses a filter bag to break into most debris and dust before further processing and cleaning the air with fine filters. Multiple filtrations means a lot of clean air, and ultimately a vacuum that lasts longer because it doesn’t clog dust and debris all the time. Changing the filter bag is also more convenient and fun than emptying the bag without a bag.

Best Cleaning Service in Madison

Picking the Best Cleaning Service in Madison, WI

So how do you find the best cleaning service in Madison, WI? You can start your search using the Internet. When you do a quick search, you’ll find many companies in your area that will be more than happy to come to your home and make sure it is beautiful and stylish. Nothing is better than going home to a modern home aligned after a hard day’s work.

Before making a list of names, there are some things to keep in mind. You must have an estimated budget to be prepared. Each service, being competitive, will have its rate. You need to know how much you’re willing to spend before contacting people.

You also need to know how often you want them to come and do the work. Believe it or not, but in most cases, it costs them a visit once a week, not once every two weeks. This depends on the idea that they will have more work if they come a lot because you can’t straighten out between these times. In some cases, they are right, in some cases they are wrong, but they must plan with that in mind.

After setting a budget and determining the frequency of their visits, you need to collect a list of names. If you can, check this before contacting them for a quote. Look at customer reviews and check out the best business office. The best business office monitors many local businesses so you can find exactly what you want. Do not want to do business with a group of people with poor ratings.

You also want to make sure the cleaning is locked and connected. Make sure they check their employees so that you have peace of mind. After all these people are in your home when you are not at home, you likely want to make sure that your items will be present when you return home.

While looking for the best cleaning service in Madison to suit your needs, below are some cleaning tips to help you manage your time. Section cleaning into digestible pieces. Don’t try to clean the whole house in a day. This will only bother you and make you afraid of cleaning.

Divide your work into categories, and then do one group at a time. For example, the mediator may be a wash day. Thursday, a messy cleaning day; then, after doing something small every day of the week, you won’t get a great deal of uncontrollable cleaning every day.

Get out of the mess. The main reason people are not organized is that they have more things than their seats. Then they find them immersive and cannot know where to put something; thus, how sex becomes the most viable option.

Store your supplies in a specific place. This will allow you not to contaminate your home with dirty detergents. At the same time, it will make cleaning more comfortable, because you will know exactly where to go when the cleaning mood bothers you.

Best cleaning service in Madison will help you maintain peace of mind by cleaning after you. Having all the information you need before you choose can give you a clear view and a clean home.

Vacuum Cleaner Repairs in Madison wi

Get Support With Vacuum Cleaner Repairs in Madison wi

You can’t deny this – we live in a one-time culture. When something fails electronically, for example, your TV, it is probably cheaper and easier to move to someone else. But if you have an excellent vacuum cleaner repair service in madison wi you like and crumble, never think that your best alternative is to buy another option. There are some superb repair options, and they can fix and run smoothly — one more time. The best thing is that you can save your favorite vacuum cleaner, plus save time and money.

If your vacuum cleaner repair service in madison wi requirements are restored, the first thing you are looking for is the nearest vacuum cleaner. Take the test first, but usually, you can put a vacuum cleaner in a retail outlet, and they will look for it and let you know if recovery is possible and practical. If your vacuum cleaner is a well-known brand, they may have authorized dealers or repairers with whom you can take a vacuum cleaner repair service in Madison wi.

It’s an excellent idea, if possible, to connect the best upright vacuum cleaner to a dealer who specializes in this vacuum cleaner brand. This is usually easy if your vacuum cleaner is a famous brand. If the brand is unusual, getting a dealer may be difficult. Even if you reach a regular dump port, getting the necessary items can be difficult and expensive. From time to time with a simple look, you can still find a dealer who will repair your brand from a vacuum cleaner repair service in madison wi.

Always estimate how much-extended repair you might get. If you have many convergent repair vendors, be sure to choose one that can provide fast, high-quality service. Maybe friends or family can make recommendations to you. Getting a refurbished vacuum cleaner will cost you a few dollars, and the last thing you want to do is return a vacuum cleaner and find out that the problem isn’t fixed.

As a rule, the dilemma with your vacuum cleaner repair service in madison wi can be a little. In this scenario, you may be able to perform minor repairs yourself, saving costs and problems associated with handing the cleaner to the repair shop.

The person with the most common complication with vacuum cleaner repair service in madison wi is that the hair or thread tangles near the brushes. This is something you can fix yourself. Make sure the vacuum cleaner is separate from any power source, and turn it over and clean it carefully! Another common dilemma is tearing a belt. Again, once you get the replacement part, changing the belt is very simple.

It’s a great idea – sometimes flip the vacuum cleaner repair service in Madison wi and make sure there is no debris on the brushes. Empty the bag or cylinder regularly so that the dirt does not virtually clog the pipes in the dirt collector. If you usually take care of a vacuum cleaner repair service in madison wi, you will be rewarded with a long time of excellent cleaning.

BEST Restaurants in Madison

5 BEST Restaurants in Madison

A secret gem in the Midwest; Madison, Wisconsin is the perfect location for owning a home or providing the perfect holiday destination. The town is not only highly attractive but going into the country will leave anyone in admiration. Madison offers many great, famous restaurants with fun environments that are perfect for every person. Here are five carefully vetted selections that you should try in Madison, WI.


Lombardino’s is one of the most popular places to eat in Madison. The restaurant has a great selection of food and drinks that will keep you coming back for more. Lombardino’s opened in 1952 and has since then become one of Madison’s most beloved restaurants. The inside of the restaurant has an old school Italian charm that customers love. They serve standards like sea scallops, roast, veal, steak and more that are sure to satisfy your appetite.


Madison’s most acclaimed restaurant is L’etoile. L’etoile serves French cuisine made with local ingredients from Wisconsin. The chef, Tory Miller, makes sure to change menus every week to align with seasonal, local ingredients.  On the menu, you’ll find everything from smoked quail to glazed chicken. This restaurant is a must-try if you’re looking for local food and haute cuisine.

Michael’s Frozen Custard

If you’re in the mood for dessert, Michael’s Frozen Custard is a perfect choice. Michael’s serves ice cream with a high butterfat percentage to improve texture and taste. They make it fresh and in small batches. They have a variety of changing flavors available along with traditional flavors like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. In addition to ice cream, you can also order burgers and fries from this establishment.

The Casbah

The Casbah is Madison’s finest Mediterranean offering. This place consists of three floors and is able to serve shish kababs, lamb, couscous and more to many patrons. Locals love the selection of exotic dishes along with fine piano music played every week. There is also a full bar and hookah bar for patrons that would like to partake in the fun, flavored tobaccos.

Pedro’s Mexican Restaurante

For those that prefer Mexican fare, locals enjoy authentic Mexican food at Pedro’s Mexican Restaurante. The restaurant offers a range of dishes including tacos, quesadillas, and margaritas. Their burritos, in particular, are very well-known throughout the area, and they are served with a variety of sauces and flavors. The margaritas, in particular, are said to be strong and very refreshing.

Whether you are searching for the best space to work, live, or just want to have some good time, Madison has everything you need. The exciting and vibrant city has loads of food options to offer. You can sample everything from traditional American food to Mexican cuisine in a wonderful, friendly locale. The owners will be grateful to serve you and you are sure to be surrounded by delicious food. The best part is that there are even more great restaurants to choose from if you have the time to discover them.

best madison park

5 Best Madison Park You May like

Are you planning to travel to Madison Park?

There are several things you can enjoy if you decide to go to the destination. Many people visit Madison Park due to the many attractions available there. It is good to prepare in advance so that you can travel while fully equipped. There are those activities which can work well for kids as well as those which are ideal for adults. You will never get bored if you decide to travel to the tourist destination with your loved ones. The park has several species of plants you can learn if you have a particular interest in botanic.

Top 5 things to do in Madison Park1.Visit the Seattle Japanese garden is a destination where you will enjoy the beautiful landscape and the different types of plants. If you would like to enjoy your outdoors with children, then the Japanese garden can be a great place where you can visit with your children. It is a short drive, but children will enjoy it.

2. Enjoy Madison Park Beach experience If you love applying by the beach, then you will never regret if you can visit the Madison Park beach.

It is a popular destination where you will get to interact with many other people who enjoy applying by the beach. It is a well-maintained beach where you will get to play different games by the water and relax your mind. Many people visit the beach, and most of them agree it is a great destination where you can take time to relax with loved ones.

3. Enjoy Mexican cuisine you can decide to have a taste of the Mexican cuisine. There are several Mexican restaurants nearby where you can visit and get to enjoy food. The restaurant allows you to order different foods with origin in Mexican for you and your family members to enjoy. After eating the dishes, you can as well take a canoe and explore the sea. The destination is full of fun. You will get to enjoy a lot.

4. Eat pizza at The Independent Pizzeria

Do you love pizza? If yes, then you can take your family members to the restaurant from where you will get to enjoy pizza to the fullest. The food at the restaurant is prepared to meet the highest quality possible. You can take time to interact with your family members as you wait for the delicious pizza to be served. Most pizza lovers take time to sample the quality of food prepared at the restaurant before they can proceed with their daily routines.

5. Arboretum Loop Trail

If you love trees and you would like to learn about the history of trees, then you need to take time and visit the arboretum loop trail. It will offer you the best opportunity to sample different types of trees. The trees are strategically arranged to allow you to notice the different species. It is the best opportunity to introduce your kids to trees if they are eager to learn. There are several Madison Park attractions you can take advantage. If you can go for one of the top attractions, then they will make it easy to enjoy your life to the fullest.