About Green Madison

Green Madison is an effort to reduce energy consumption in the City of Madison. Green Madison will help our City become more sustainable, so that future Madisonians can enjoy the same beautiful community that we do.

This is the Green Madison logo. It is a black vector drawing of the Madison skyline atop green font that says Green Madison. In place of the letter "A" is a green leaf.With Green Madison, we stand to win $5 million to further our sustainability goals! As part of the Georgetown University Energy Prize, Green Madison is competing against communities around the nation to determine who can reduce energy consumption the most. The winning community will earn $5,000,000!

Green Madison needs YOU to win. Click here for three easy ways you can help.

We’re not alone in our efforts to green Madison. Many organizations and agencies came together to help Madison chart its winning path. This includes:

  • Brendle Group – Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Brendle Group is an energy consulting firm with expertise in helping municipal governments reduce energy consumption through careful, calibrated prioritization and actions.
  • Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) – Based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, COWS is a national think-and-do tank that promotes “high road” solutions to social problems.
  • Cool Choices – Based in Madison, Cool Choices has been helping communities think about their individual habits and how seemingly small actions can contribute to larger sustainability efforts.
  • Elevate Energy – Based in Chicago, Elevate Energy brings its recognized multifamily energy efficiency program experience to the table as well as innovative community outreach efforts like energy house parties.
  • Project Home – Project Home is a Madison-based nonprofit agency that has been helping homeowners reduce energy consumption through achievable, affordable building improvements.