Inside an Energy Assessment

At your house party, an energy analyst will start with a walk-through of your home.  Once this is complete, they’ll conduct several diagnostic tests, which may include:

Combustion Combustion safety testing. The analyst will examine the venting and air quality of your home and ensure that your combustion appliances (water heater, furnace, boiler, gas stove, etc.) are venting exhaust appropriately.
Blower Blower door test. The contractor will conduct a blower door test to identify how much air is leaking into and out of your home.
IR Infrared Camera Test. To identify where air is leaking into and out of your home, the analyst will use an infrared camera to look for hot and cold spots in exterior walls and ceilings.
Manual Manual Insulation Check. To determine the current levels of insulation in the home, the analyst will look into accessible attic and wall spaces to see if insulation is present and to measure the current levels.
Heating Heating System and Water Heater Efficiency Test.  The analyst will check the actual efficiency of your furnace or boiler and hot water heater.

The analyst uses the data collected to calculate the efficiency of your home and make recommendations. They’ll send you a free assessment report that shows the expected cost of each recommended improvement including any rebates or incentives you qualify for.

What improvements will they recommend?

Recommendations typically include air sealing the trouble spots identified with the infrared camera and adding insulation where it’s currently insufficient – these are typically the least expensive and most effective long-term improvements.

Other recommendations may include duct sealing and tuning up or replacing an old boiler or furnace. Window replacement is rarely recommended because the efficiency gains are low and the cost is high. Lastly, the contractor may also identify smaller do-it-yourself improvements, such as installing a programmable thermostat, low-flow showerheads, and high efficiency lighting. You’re under no obligation to make any changes.

For more, check out this behind-the-scenes video of an energy assessment:

How do I sign up?

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