Game-Based Sustainability In Action, Featuring Team “MPD Civilians”

The Green Madison online sustainability game of Cool Choices is going strong! This week, we’re featuring one of the top teams in Madison, Wisconsin’s city-wide game. We checked in with all five members of team MPD Civilians to learn the secrets of their sustainability success.

This is game-based behavior change in action! Enjoy!





Cool Choices Green Madison Game Update:

If you live in the Madison area and you’d like to take part, just register, join or form a team, and take two minutes/day to claim your daily sustainable choices and earn points for your team. Browse the game’s social stream to see all the inspiring sustainable activities taking place. And, even if you’re joining late, you can still play and win prizes from favorite local Madison venues. You’ll save money too!

Join in today and make sure your Cool Choices get counted.
You’ll help Madison, WI compete for the Georgetown University Energy Prize!