Madison’s Cool Choices Are Adding Up!

The Green Madison city-wide online sustainability game of Cool Choices is underway and the competition is heating up. Everyone’s actions are adding up to make a difference in Madison.



We’re at day 10 (in the 8-week game) and over 800 players—you and/or your fellow Madisonians—have been working as teams to claim more than 5,000 sustainable actions (“cool choices”) that make our city more green and reduce energy use. And, this is just the beginning!

Cool Choices players are making a point to carpool, to turn off the lights, and to bike or walk instead of drive. They’re volunteering to host energy house parties, they’re recycling, replacing light bulbs, and hiring professionals to do home performance audits! Players are setting up water usage threshold alerts. Cool Choices players are even writing to their landlords about making their apartment buildings more energy efficient!

This week players also showed off their team spirit by submitting team photos; check out some favorites below. Maybe you’ll spot someone you know?! If you’re not playing the Cool Choices game, it’s not too late to join in this initiative to reduce energy and help Madison compete for the $5 million Georgetown Energy Prize.

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If you’d like to take part, just register, form a team of 5 and take two minutes/day to claim your daily sustainable choices and earn points for your team. Browse the game’s social stream to see all the inspiring sustainable activities taking place. And, even if you’re joining late, you can still play and win prizes from favorite local Madison venues. You’ll save money too!

Join in today and make sure your Cool Choices get counted.